Chapter 6: Legal Influences on Public Relations Writing

As a public relations writer you have to know the law, because not everything you write is legal according to the text. There are various restrictions and limits when it comes to writing for a company or organizations. One thing to keep in mind when dealing with what is legal and what is not, legal does’t mean ethical and ethical doesn’t mean legal.

legal issues are usually associated with ownership and who has the right to what in the public relations field. Make sure the text, writing, photos, logos, slogans and web design are all legal and have been copywrited and trademarked. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other peoples information when it comes to writing you just have to have the right kind of attribution. The books says it’s a good idea to contact that company and or an attorney to see if the information is available for use.

This chapter also went through the common legal definitions and symbols. Some of the symbols I was not familiar with such as the symbol for Section (for laws and regulations). It was also informative to read about the different agencies and which ones deals with different legal acts.



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