Bible Study

Two weeks ago, some girls that I have just become good friends with went to Fall conference with me and the Campus Outreach group.  The point of the conference was for students to learn what it meant to have a relationship with God and to learn more about their faith and what it meant to be a Christian. The girls that I invited came and told me that they had learned more there than they had in their whole life , about Christianity.

After the Conference two of the girls asked me to do a bible study with them. My friend Alisha, who is on staff with CO, told me that she would help me lead the bible study because I have never done that before.

Last night we had our second bible study with the girls and it is going amazing.  I love seeing how interested and investigative these girls are about Christ and who he is. They are asking so many great questions and wanting to know more of the Bible.

bible study

Some girls from bible study

I can only thank God for moving in their hearts and I only want to boast in him, because I know meeting these girls and doing bible study is all thanks to him and whatever plan he has for the girls.


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