Chapter 13: The Multipurpose Medium

In chapter 13 the book discusses the Web and public relations writing.  The first thing to know about writing for the web is knowing who your audience is.  Your audience is anyone who has access to the internet or any kind of social media. There are three different categories of audiences according to the book.  The first is the critical commentators, second the committed visitors and third the casual browsers. The issue is, how do you reach each of these types of audience groups.

Writing for the web is said to be a close resemblance for writing good brochure copies, which we have had practice with in class. As the same for all other writing it is important for us to continuously edit our copy especially for the web.  when writing for the web you want the main idea and purpose to be clear, and the content must meet the visitor’s needs or interest.  There are more tips provided on page 357 of the book.  You can write effectively for the web if you understand news writing, advocacy writing, or multimedia presentations.

I learned that the web is used sometimes for specific PR aims as well. Such as: Online news releases, online newsletters, online reports, and many other PR writing copies we have been practicing in class.laptop


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