Is it too early for Christmas music?

christmasHalloween just passed a few days ago and I am ready to bring out the christmas music and decorations.  I know that most of the public would have to disagree with me.  For some reason there is an underlying rule in our country that putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is frowned upon.

I have never understood this rule because even though its not passed thanksgiving, the TV stations are already airing Christmas commercials and  holiday themed commercials. This is such a tease for me! I get so excited when I hear the holiday music playing in the background of a commercial on TV.

Another tease for me is how the department stores and malls put out christmas decorations for us to buy in the middle of october.  I won’t argue it though, because I love looking at all the decorations ahead of time. I just want to be able to start decorating myself.

Christmas and winter time is so joyful for me.  There’s just something about this time of year that makes me so happy and excited to be around family and at home. I have even asked my mom if we could start decorating this week, and I received a big fat no.

Hopefully my mom won’t mind if I ask to put up our christmas tree right after thanksgiving dinner.


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