World Series

Saturday night Busch Stadium was a sea of red shirts.  The Cardinals are facing the Boston Red Socks in the World Series this year and tensions are high.  Although I wasn’t actually inside the stadium to watch the game it was still an amazing atmosphere outside of it.  We were able to camp out and watch the screen from the outside and cheer our red birds on. There were hundreds of people yelling and cheering and making friendships over just the game.

The cardinals won on a technicality which left the red socks fans more than a little upset.  In my eyes, its still a win and I can’t wait until tomorrow nights game. I won’t be able to watch it from the stadium or even the outside of the stadium but you can guarantee that it will be on my TV at home.

I wasn’t always a huge baseball fan, but after going to the Cardinals games the past couple of years, I have really started to love the game.  It’s so easy to get into and the atmosphere of the game is my favorite part.  I am even able to watch it on TV without getting bored.  When I watch other sporting events on TV,  I can never make it to the end of the game, but its not a problem when watching the Cardinals.

Now all I can say is, GO CARDINALS!baseball


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