Chapter 8: Planning and Practice

When planning for public relations and writing you need to keep the organizations goal in mind and how your going to reach it. Planning for deadline stuck out to me the most in this chapter because I have been working on my time management and meeting deadlines. The chapters said that if you plan correctly, you should have all the time you need. Create a schedule or calendar to help you stay on time and meet all of your deadlines.  Planning efficiently can even make your organization desirable.

The chapter also went over writing letters, memos, and email. Being formal is always better than informal.  When writing an email or a memo you should be professional an have the right format. When sending out anything to the public or another co-worker, now a days people use emoticons and texting slang, without even catching it.

While in the workplace or dealing with your PR writing we should stray from any of the unprofessional text and slang.mail


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