Fall Festivities

Fall is here and it is also one of my favorite seasons. Last weekend I went to Fall Fest in Evansville Indiana, which I talked a little about in my last post.  There were over 200 food vendors, which all contained tons of fried foods.  There was even fried koolaid, how that is possible, I have no idea.  My favorite food that I tried had to be the donut burger. It was a cheese burger with glazed donuts as the bun. I promise it’s a lot tastier than it sounds.

Besides all of the fun festivals that take place around this time of year, I genuinely just love the fall season.  The weather is my favorite part about it. I love being able to wear jeans with cardigans and scarfs. When doing outside activities you don’t get too hot or too cold.

Plus the trees start to change colors and it all just looks to beautiful and blissful. Halloween is also a perk for fall.  All of the TV stations start playing all the Halloween specials and shows. Halloween night is even better. I usually have a party with all my friends.  We dress up and hangout while passing out candy to little kids.

Fall truly is my favorite time of the year.  It just makes me feel really happy. fall picture


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