Chapter 14: Persuasion for Mass Action

Ethos, pathos, and logos still play a part in the Public Relations field. Logos is logic and evidence.  In the chapter, it discusses how emotion often plays a big part in the public relations way of persuasion. But logic and evidence can build a successful persuasive message as well, that is where the logos comes into play. To gain persuasion when using logic there needs to be enough supportive evidence such as statistics, historical, and surveys or polls. The evidence must also be relevant and understandable for the public.

When using ethos its the importance of credible sources. The biggest challenge of finding a credible source is finding one that is relatable to the audience. That seems to be the main ingredient when working for PR, that everything should point back to the public and make sense for them. Which leads to pathos.

Pathos is all about the importance of the audience. When sending out a PSA, you have to be careful that your target audience is going to be relatable to what the announcement is. A PSA usually is used to get out information about an organization or cause that needs to reach a large amount of people.


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