Orlando Project Reunion


Orlando Project Roommates

This weekend USI (University of Southern Indiana) in Evansville, Indiana is hosting their annual Fall festival. A lot of my friends from project this summer go to that school and attend the fall festival. So, me and some friends are taking a mini road trip to see everyone and celebrate with them.

This weekend is going to be full of catching up with everyone that I spent 10 weeks with over the summer.   I am more than excited because we have all become such good friends and its been a little hard to be away from everyone and not having great schedules to be able to talk most of the time.

At the fall festival, there are over 200 food vendors, which are apparently really good, and rides for everyone to go on as well. This weekend is all about having fun and relaxing.  We all need it since it’s the middle of the school semester and we are stressed from all the hard work put into our school work and studies.

I hope that I am able to just clear my mind and not focus too much on everything coming up in the next few weeks of school.  That may just make me more stressed than I need to be.  This reunion is much-needed.


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