Chapter 8: Planning and Practice

When planning for public relations and writing you need to keep the organizations goal in mind and how your going to reach it. Planning for deadline stuck out to me the most in this chapter because I have been working on my time management and meeting deadlines. The chapters said that if you plan correctly, you should have all the time you need. Create a schedule or calendar to help you stay on time and meet all of your deadlines.  Planning efficiently can even make your organization desirable.

The chapter also went over writing letters, memos, and email. Being formal is always better than informal.  When writing an email or a memo you should be professional an have the right format. When sending out anything to the public or another co-worker, now a days people use emoticons and texting slang, without even catching it.

While in the workplace or dealing with your PR writing we should stray from any of the unprofessional text and slang.mail


World Series

Saturday night Busch Stadium was a sea of red shirts.  The Cardinals are facing the Boston Red Socks in the World Series this year and tensions are high.  Although I wasn’t actually inside the stadium to watch the game it was still an amazing atmosphere outside of it.  We were able to camp out and watch the screen from the outside and cheer our red birds on. There were hundreds of people yelling and cheering and making friendships over just the game.

The cardinals won on a technicality which left the red socks fans more than a little upset.  In my eyes, its still a win and I can’t wait until tomorrow nights game. I won’t be able to watch it from the stadium or even the outside of the stadium but you can guarantee that it will be on my TV at home.

I wasn’t always a huge baseball fan, but after going to the Cardinals games the past couple of years, I have really started to love the game.  It’s so easy to get into and the atmosphere of the game is my favorite part.  I am even able to watch it on TV without getting bored.  When I watch other sporting events on TV,  I can never make it to the end of the game, but its not a problem when watching the Cardinals.

Now all I can say is, GO CARDINALS!baseball

Fall Retreat

Fall retreat is the weekend for Campus Outreach and I am more than thrilled.  I haven’t been on a retreat since last semester and it feels even longer than that.  The retreats purpose is to have a weekend away from school and grow in our faith.  Seven college campuses will get together at a hotel in St. Louis and have fellowship and listen to a speaker.

I only know people from two of the other colleges that will be there this weekend.  I am more than excited to see those people because some of them I spent all summer together at The Orlando Project.  I’m also excited to meet new people and spend time getting to know the other campuses in the St. Louis areas.

This weekend will also be good for me to get away and clear my mind from the stress of school.  I will be able to reflect on my relationship with God and what my walk looks like.  Plus, I will be encouraged by the talks we have and by my brothers and sisters in christ.


Friends going to Fall Retreat

I hope this weekend doesn’t go by as fast as the last one. I know once it starts, I wont want it to end.

Chapter 11: Let’s Hear It

As our generation is transitioning into an electronic era public relations professionals not only need to know how to write to be read, but write to be heard as well.  Writing to be heard can be found in broadcast, scriptwriting, and for speeches. Writing to be heard means that the audience needs to understand the message clearly once heard the first time.

When writing for broadcast you not only have to keep the audience in mind, but the sound, visuals, and time. Broadcast also has some advantages over print writing because when writing for example, a radio, the message is reaching tons of people for 24 hours a day.

Scriptwriting includes writing for sound and visual. Scriptwriting is known for focusing on soft news or feature productions in controlled video presentations. When thinking of the content or layout of your script think of how we produce a feature story.


Fall Festivities

Fall is here and it is also one of my favorite seasons. Last weekend I went to Fall Fest in Evansville Indiana, which I talked a little about in my last post.  There were over 200 food vendors, which all contained tons of fried foods.  There was even fried koolaid, how that is possible, I have no idea.  My favorite food that I tried had to be the donut burger. It was a cheese burger with glazed donuts as the bun. I promise it’s a lot tastier than it sounds.

Besides all of the fun festivals that take place around this time of year, I genuinely just love the fall season.  The weather is my favorite part about it. I love being able to wear jeans with cardigans and scarfs. When doing outside activities you don’t get too hot or too cold.

Plus the trees start to change colors and it all just looks to beautiful and blissful. Halloween is also a perk for fall.  All of the TV stations start playing all the Halloween specials and shows. Halloween night is even better. I usually have a party with all my friends.  We dress up and hangout while passing out candy to little kids.

Fall truly is my favorite time of the year.  It just makes me feel really happy. fall picture

Chapter 14: Persuasion for Mass Action

Ethos, pathos, and logos still play a part in the Public Relations field. Logos is logic and evidence.  In the chapter, it discusses how emotion often plays a big part in the public relations way of persuasion. But logic and evidence can build a successful persuasive message as well, that is where the logos comes into play. To gain persuasion when using logic there needs to be enough supportive evidence such as statistics, historical, and surveys or polls. The evidence must also be relevant and understandable for the public.

When using ethos its the importance of credible sources. The biggest challenge of finding a credible source is finding one that is relatable to the audience. That seems to be the main ingredient when working for PR, that everything should point back to the public and make sense for them. Which leads to pathos.

Pathos is all about the importance of the audience. When sending out a PSA, you have to be careful that your target audience is going to be relatable to what the announcement is. A PSA usually is used to get out information about an organization or cause that needs to reach a large amount of people.

Orlando Project Reunion


Orlando Project Roommates

This weekend USI (University of Southern Indiana) in Evansville, Indiana is hosting their annual Fall festival. A lot of my friends from project this summer go to that school and attend the fall festival. So, me and some friends are taking a mini road trip to see everyone and celebrate with them.

This weekend is going to be full of catching up with everyone that I spent 10 weeks with over the summer.   I am more than excited because we have all become such good friends and its been a little hard to be away from everyone and not having great schedules to be able to talk most of the time.

At the fall festival, there are over 200 food vendors, which are apparently really good, and rides for everyone to go on as well. This weekend is all about having fun and relaxing.  We all need it since it’s the middle of the school semester and we are stressed from all the hard work put into our school work and studies.

I hope that I am able to just clear my mind and not focus too much on everything coming up in the next few weeks of school.  That may just make me more stressed than I need to be.  This reunion is much-needed.

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