Chapter 15: Persuasion for Individual Action

Direct mail is categorized as any mail that is directly delivered to the household and is mass-produced. When first reading this section of chapter 15 I thought that direct mail was only specifically letter you get in your mail box but emails, fax, and CDs are considered direct mail as well. It was discussed that direct mail has a specific purpose to target an audience.  By narrowing down the audience and theme of your piece  you can determine how many copies of the mail that should be sent or printed. The direct mail that is sent out usually fits a specific demographic group this gives relevance to the audience when receiving the mail.

Nothing is just sent without careful consideration.  The outside of the envelopes are even carefully designed to grab the reader’s attention. I thought that it was interesting to find this out because I can remember that even I have opened a piece of mail only because of what the outside looks like.  That is a very good tactic for visual people.

Brochures are also discussed in this chapter.  I found that brochures are very similar to the direct mail concept except that they are rarely mailed of given individually. I have seen many brochures before and they are usually advertising for an organization or business or giving me information on a product. Their purpose is to deliver a single message and give the audience the information they want to know. mail


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