Recently, I have really taken an interest in getting an internship for next spring or fall. I know how important it is to have that kind of experience before graduating and going out into the real world to get a job.  Also, I feel like it would be such a great opportunity to understand more of my major and what I could be doing when I am done with college.

I just need to make sure that I have enough time to balance my classes, job, and an internship all at once. I feel like that will be a big challenge for me because I know that I have so much to do in all my classes now.  I know that having one this semester wouldn’t have worked out at all. But sometimes I like to have a challenge, as long as im not sinking in it.

Before I go looking for a job after college I want to have more experience so that I don’t feel completely overwhelmed when going into my first job. Now I just need to be proactive about finding an internship that actually fits my field and goes hand in hand with my major.


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