Chapter 4: Cultural Influences on Public Relations Writing

Culture in public relations is important because you have to be able to write for a client according to their values, behaviors, and expectations. The culture of the publics and the organization is equally important to understand so you can build a better relationship between the two.

When writing for a societal culture, notice what the culture forms around, political, religious, social, and demographic characters. The chapter explains that all of those can influence a public relations practice. I thought it was interesting that public relation practitioners need to completely understand what kind of culture they are writing for.  Before reading this I had never put that into perspective. The writer is always going to have to keep the interest of the culture in mind.

Reading along in text I found that organizational cultures have the biggest impact on a public relations writer. It spoke about the different types of organizational cultures as well and how a practitioner in each cultures are expected to communicate in very different ways and in a very different writing


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