It’s the 4th week into the semester and I am already feeling the pressure.  My classes are all very interesting but its hard to keep them all in track when I have so much due in each one every week.  I feel like I am drowning in homework assignments and studying for tests. Keeping a balance between studying, homework, and having free time is starting to become a struggle. 

When asked if I would rather go hang out with my friends or finish my homework assignments, I would probably want to choose my friends.  But if I want to keep up my grades and truly learn from my classes then I need to take the high road and do my studying and assignments.  One of my classes is getting to my head though, I have a major writing assignment due every class meeting and the requirements for the writings are extremely hard. 

I know that practicing writing is important and will help improve my writing skills, but sometimes having a paper due every other day can take a real toll on my other homework and studying.  I’m hoping that soon I will just start writing them like its no big deal and I’m having fun with it, while still getting a good grade.  Or maybe we wont continue to write that much and we are just practicing for our upcoming big projects.

As of now, I’m relying on my coffee maker to help me stay up and finish my work.




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