Chapter 3: Ethical Influences on Public Relations Writing

Reading through the Theories of ethical action gave me a new outlook on what ethics is. The  theories that were given by various philosophers were very interesting to me.  For example it said that Aristotle’s “Golden mean” could be used when dealing with a client’s policy with privacy and disclosing information about that client. I honestly had never heard of some of the theories of ethics before reading this section.

The Situational models takes the approach of “who, what, where and why?” This model made the most sense to me because we are thinking for the client before hand of why we want to reach the people we are.  It makes us question what kind of situation we are in and what would be the best move in an ethical way.

The chapter also explained that your level of ethics with your PR will be closely linked to your personal ethical way of thinking.  Like how we handle everyday things, education, family, and our values. Being in PR we are going to encounter moments where we will have to make ethical decisions so I feel that understanding what ethics are and how they can be used is important for any employee to know.



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