Chapter 10: Under Your Control

Chapter 10 goes into more detail about writing feature leads and attracting attention which was very helpful for me right now because I am practicing writing news stories in one of my other classes that requires a lead.  I was struggling with the making a creative one and this section helped me out a lot on how to formulate one.

Other than knowing that news letters have information on them, I wasn’t really aware of what other positives they had.  Under the section “Understanding Newsletters” I was able to read what they are used for and how they could be an effective resource. It was helpful with giving me an idea on what I want my newsletter to look like and how I want it to stand out.

Reading over the different structures of the newsletter was very informative as well.  I wasn’t aware that there were different styles and tones.

Newspapers B&W (5)

Newspapers B&W (5) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)


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