Chapter 15: Persuasion for Individual Action

Direct mail is categorized as any mail that is directly delivered to the household and is mass-produced. When first reading this section of chapter 15 I thought that direct mail was only specifically letter you get in your mail box but emails, fax, and CDs are considered direct mail as well. It was discussed that direct mail has a specific purpose to target an audience.  By narrowing down the audience and theme of your piece  you can determine how many copies of the mail that should be sent or printed. The direct mail that is sent out usually fits a specific demographic group this gives relevance to the audience when receiving the mail.

Nothing is just sent without careful consideration.  The outside of the envelopes are even carefully designed to grab the reader’s attention. I thought that it was interesting to find this out because I can remember that even I have opened a piece of mail only because of what the outside looks like.  That is a very good tactic for visual people.

Brochures are also discussed in this chapter.  I found that brochures are very similar to the direct mail concept except that they are rarely mailed of given individually. I have seen many brochures before and they are usually advertising for an organization or business or giving me information on a product. Their purpose is to deliver a single message and give the audience the information they want to know. mail



Recently, I have really taken an interest in getting an internship for next spring or fall. I know how important it is to have that kind of experience before graduating and going out into the real world to get a job.  Also, I feel like it would be such a great opportunity to understand more of my major and what I could be doing when I am done with college.

I just need to make sure that I have enough time to balance my classes, job, and an internship all at once. I feel like that will be a big challenge for me because I know that I have so much to do in all my classes now.  I know that having one this semester wouldn’t have worked out at all. But sometimes I like to have a challenge, as long as im not sinking in it.

Before I go looking for a job after college I want to have more experience so that I don’t feel completely overwhelmed when going into my first job. Now I just need to be proactive about finding an internship that actually fits my field and goes hand in hand with my major.

Chapter 4: Cultural Influences on Public Relations Writing

Culture in public relations is important because you have to be able to write for a client according to their values, behaviors, and expectations. The culture of the publics and the organization is equally important to understand so you can build a better relationship between the two.

When writing for a societal culture, notice what the culture forms around, political, religious, social, and demographic characters. The chapter explains that all of those can influence a public relations practice. I thought it was interesting that public relation practitioners need to completely understand what kind of culture they are writing for.  Before reading this I had never put that into perspective. The writer is always going to have to keep the interest of the culture in mind.

Reading along in text I found that organizational cultures have the biggest impact on a public relations writer. It spoke about the different types of organizational cultures as well and how a practitioner in each cultures are expected to communicate in very different ways and in a very different writing

Busy Weekend

This weekend was eventful to say the least. For some reason I went into it thinking that it would be rather relaxing, however that changed very fast.  Friday I realized that I had to write a few different news stories for one of my MC 202 classes before the weekend was up.  I knew that this was going to be a struggle for me because I was having a hard time thinking about what I was going to write about. Plus I Saturday was already full of other things that had be planned for about a month. So I decided to get a head start on the writing before there wasn’t enough time.

I was looking forward to Saturday the most because I had tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Not only were Imagine Dragons their but the line up before them was amazing. The Neighborhood, Greek Fire, Cage the Elephant, and Silver Sun Pickups opened for them. All of them were pretty amazing live, which was shocking because I always find that the opening act usually sucks.  The concert was actually sold out so the lawn and seats were packed full!

It was such an awesome atmosphere with all the people singing and  dancing around.  The concert was certainly the highlight of my weekend.  Then came Sunday.  I usually love Sunday because I get to go to church and fellowship and worship.  This sunday was just burdened with so many other tasks I had to handle as well.  I had to go grocery shopping, study for classes, clean my apartment, and make sure I was prepared for the new week.


Friends and I at the Imagine Dragons Concert

Although I didn’t have much time to relax, I’m glad that I was able to get everything done and was able to have a clear head for this week.

Chapter 9: Out of Your Control…or Is it?

News releases are something we went over in SPC 213 we even typed one up for practice. In this chapter, there is more detail for when and for what a news release should be used in media news.

News determinants or news values for the media were listed and described as well.  Timeliness, Relevance, Proximity, Prominence, Rarity, Trendiness, and Human Interest are all part of the basic news criteria.

Structure for writing in the press was given as well, which was very helpful because I have never written in that style before. The inverted pyramid structure deals with the who? what? when? where? why? and how?  The model of the press release made it easier to visualize what the layout really looks like.


It’s the 4th week into the semester and I am already feeling the pressure.  My classes are all very interesting but its hard to keep them all in track when I have so much due in each one every week.  I feel like I am drowning in homework assignments and studying for tests. Keeping a balance between studying, homework, and having free time is starting to become a struggle. 

When asked if I would rather go hang out with my friends or finish my homework assignments, I would probably want to choose my friends.  But if I want to keep up my grades and truly learn from my classes then I need to take the high road and do my studying and assignments.  One of my classes is getting to my head though, I have a major writing assignment due every class meeting and the requirements for the writings are extremely hard. 

I know that practicing writing is important and will help improve my writing skills, but sometimes having a paper due every other day can take a real toll on my other homework and studying.  I’m hoping that soon I will just start writing them like its no big deal and I’m having fun with it, while still getting a good grade.  Or maybe we wont continue to write that much and we are just practicing for our upcoming big projects.

As of now, I’m relying on my coffee maker to help me stay up and finish my work.



Chapter 3: Ethical Influences on Public Relations Writing

Reading through the Theories of ethical action gave me a new outlook on what ethics is. The  theories that were given by various philosophers were very interesting to me.  For example it said that Aristotle’s “Golden mean” could be used when dealing with a client’s policy with privacy and disclosing information about that client. I honestly had never heard of some of the theories of ethics before reading this section.

The Situational models takes the approach of “who, what, where and why?” This model made the most sense to me because we are thinking for the client before hand of why we want to reach the people we are.  It makes us question what kind of situation we are in and what would be the best move in an ethical way.

The chapter also explained that your level of ethics with your PR will be closely linked to your personal ethical way of thinking.  Like how we handle everyday things, education, family, and our values. Being in PR we are going to encounter moments where we will have to make ethical decisions so I feel that understanding what ethics are and how they can be used is important for any employee to know.


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