Chapter 2: Sending the Message

Under chapter 2 there was a section about developing your own style of writing.  Reading that made me realize that I have never thought about my own style or what I might be more interested in.  There were different options of writing styles like factual over creative or advertising over news writing.  I have never really considered which I would prefer.  I guess all I can do is practice and see which would be in my favor. \

Resumes and cover letters were also mentioned in this chapter.  I actually found that section to be quite helpful.  I have never been coach on how to correctly type out a cover letter or what the purpose of it was.  In the book it says that we can think of the cover letter as “advertisements” for the resume and for our writing style and ability.  I didn’t realize that it’s the cover letter that is really introducing ourselves and the resume is mostly just details and past experience.  The book gave great examples of what a cover letter should look and sound like. type writer



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