Chapter 1: Theoretical Influences on Public Relations Writing

typingChapter One went over different theories in the public relations and their influences in the field.

Reading over the different theories, one that I found most informative and attention catching was the Systems Theory: Looking at the “Big Picture”. When describing the theory the book gave an analogy of an organism and how it needs to survive. Survival includes: being cared for with the essentials of air, water, and nutrients. To me this was a great way of explaining exactly how an organization is going to be succesful. Just as an organism, an organization needs the same kind of care. The organization needs positive interaction with the publics. Within the public relations there is a link system. This system is what connects the internal relations to the external such as, news media, government, and other outside sources.

Alongside the theories in this chapter there is a section called “Finding Your Niche”

Reading this section made me realize that I don’t really have a main field of public relations that I would like to focus on. Being in publicity would be an interesting career but I think that working in Events would also let me excersie what I enjoy about Public relations. Hopefully by the end of this semester I will have a specific field that I will want to be in.


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