Orlando Project

This summer can not come soon enough.  I am living in Orlando for 10 weeks!! I have been given the opportunity to work at Universal Studios through a campus ministry called campus outreach. Not only will I be working at Universal Studios, but I will be with other students from different campuses growing in our faith and learning to evangelize. I can’t wait to get out there and start this experience.

I have given a lot of thought in to where I would love to work at universal and I have narrowed it down to Harry Potter Word.  I never actually read the books but I feel like it will be an awesome place to work since I loved the movies.  Plus I would never get bored cause I can imagine it’s probably the most visited part of the park now since it’s still pretty new. I can only hope for the best cause we don’t find out where we work until we get there.

Right now I still don’t have that much information about it besides the fact that I was accepted and what the purpose of being there is. I am so excited to learn more and start summer!

Universal Studios Florida 001

Universal Studios Florida 001 (Photo credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy)


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