Finding Dory?

Finding Nemo was one of those movies that I would watch over and over again when I was a child.  I was able to quote almost the whole entire movie.  One of the main reasons I loved the movie so much was because of the character Dory.  I found her to be hilarious because of how absent minded she was and her because short term memory.  She was just one of those characters that you would always want to quote or remember.  The whole movie was just a quality film.  The message, animation, and creativity was mazing.Finding_Dory.svg

As you could imagine when I heard that Finding Dory is in the making, I was beyond excited.  I have waited so long for a second movie.  Obviously by the title we know that Dory will be the main focus of the movie so that mean lots of laughing.  While reading about the movie and what exactly it will be about it brought up the beginning of Finding Nemo.  When Dory was first introduced to us she was lost.  I read that it is going to pick up with that and what exactly Dory was looking for and where she was going.

The movie isn’t supposed to come out until November 2015.  It seems like a long time but that just means that they are wanting to it to be the best as they can possibly make it.  All I know is I’m going to be a 21 year old in the theatre watching it along with everyone else on the first day it comes out.


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