Focusing and Summer Break

Now that spring break has passed I feel like this year has flown by so fast. Spring break was kind of a tease because we got a great feel of being on break.  It reminds us of what we can do during the summer. We only have 6 weeks until the end of the of this school year.  Now I have all this stress to make sure I have the right grades and really concentrate on my school work. What makes concentrating on school really difficult is knowing that summer is only a few weeks away. Everyone is trying make all these summer plans and trip which makes you think less of school and more of relaxing. summer

Right now I just need to focus on studying and figure out my summer plans after finals.  Finals always ends up being a really stressful week for me.  I know that I will study and do well but I always freak myself out and worry about it. Right now my only motivation to study is to get as good of grades as last semester and keeping my GPA high. I want to strive to do well thorough out my academic career to insure that I get the most out of my college experience. To insure I learn and get good grades I really need to focus and put away all thoughts of summer.



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