No More Winter, Please.


Spring Flowers

Snow was the last thing that I was hoping for this week, but sure enough Illinois weather never fails to surprise us all.  We got around 5 inches of snow which in my opinion is too much.  Thinking back to last year we were already wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts.  The first day of spring I was bundled up in my winter coat and it sure didn’t feel like the first day of spring.  I can only be hopeful that this snow melts fast and the warmer weather moves in sooner that later.  Although getting that one day off of school was refreshing I would rather walk to classes in warm weather than be stuck inside all day.  The warmer weather would definitely be good for everyone’s moods too.  Everyone seems so down and depressed because this winter has felt too long. Spring will liven up people and get everyone motivated.


Small Unexpected Surprises

Going into this past weekend I was just ready to relax, go through with the plans I had made, and take time to work on homework and studying.  I headed to my hometown to babysit for a family that lives close to that area. Half way there I got a text from the family saying that their plans were canceled and they didn’t need me to babysit any longer.  This news was sort of discouraging and upsetting because I was looking forward to see the kids and be able to make some money. I really didn’t want to drive all the way back to Edwardsville and waste my gas so I decided to drive to my mom’s house to stop by and talk.


Surprise Visit taken by Alex Englen

As soon as I got to my mom’s house I got a phone call from one of my friends from Murray, informing me that her and a few other people were in my hometown stopped to get something to eat.  She explained that they were on their way to a mission trip in Colorado.  At first, I didn’t believe her because it was so random.  She challenged me to drive to the subway that was a few minutes from my house to see if they were there.  Sure enough, a group of my friends from Murray were all running towards my car when I pulled into the Subway.

It was such a blessing to get to see them even if it was only for a few minutes.  It’s funny to think that only a few minutes before I got her call I was upset that I had driven all the way to my hometown for no reason.  I love when small, unexpected surprises happen right as you get down because you aren’t upset for long.  Sometimes those unexpected  surprises make you whole day and that’s exactly what my friends did.

Focusing and Summer Break

Now that spring break has passed I feel like this year has flown by so fast. Spring break was kind of a tease because we got a great feel of being on break.  It reminds us of what we can do during the summer. We only have 6 weeks until the end of the of this school year.  Now I have all this stress to make sure I have the right grades and really concentrate on my school work. What makes concentrating on school really difficult is knowing that summer is only a few weeks away. Everyone is trying make all these summer plans and trip which makes you think less of school and more of relaxing. summer

Right now I just need to focus on studying and figure out my summer plans after finals.  Finals always ends up being a really stressful week for me.  I know that I will study and do well but I always freak myself out and worry about it. Right now my only motivation to study is to get as good of grades as last semester and keeping my GPA high. I want to strive to do well thorough out my academic career to insure that I get the most out of my college experience. To insure I learn and get good grades I really need to focus and put away all thoughts of summer.