Campus Outreach Spring Retreat

gods love

Romans 8:37-39

This past weekend was definitely refreshing and something that I have needed for a while.  I was given the opportunity to go on the Campus Outreach retreat in Indian with other campuses such as Purdue and ISU.  Campus Outreach is a christian ministry on campuses all over the country. I was very involved with CO at Murray State and was saddened when I first transferred here and found that SIUe’s campus did not have it.  For a while I had been praying that I find some kind of christian ministry on campus so that I could get involved and know my brothers and sisters in christ on this campus.  I heard about a few of the groups on campus but was never able to attend the meeting because of my school schedule.

Recently a woman sat down at a lunch table with me and started a conversation.  We talked about my past and just life in general and some how I brought up campus outreach. She looked shocked when I mentioned it and then continued to tell me that she was on staff for CO and that they were trying to get it established on this campus.  I was so excited to hear this because it was something that I had been praying for.  After meeting up a few more times after I had met her she told me that a spring retreat was coming up. Of course I told her I would want to go because I remember how much fun it was last year with Murray.

This weekend and retreat was just a reminder of how gracious God is.  He has walked me through all of my struggles and has gotten me through everything. I’m still in awe of how he has answered my prayers and brought CO back into my life.   I have seen His love shining through even when I am having the worst day or week.  It’s also very comforting knowing that I have people who I can share my faith with. I know the friendships that
I made with other brothers and sisters in Christ this weekend and recently will be lasting.


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