Ed Sheeran part 2: Concert Day


At Ed Sheeran Concert taken by Chelsea Haney

So my last blog post I talked about my excitement for the Ed Sheeran concert and the process of getting the tickets.  Well, the concert was this past saturday and it couldn’t of been better.  To start off,  my friends and I got ready and went to STL around 2:00 even though the concert wasn’t until 7:00.  That might sound ridiculous, but I am so happy we did that because when we got there lines were already formed on both sides of the venue.  After all, the show was sold out so we knew it was going to be packed.

When we found a place to park we decided eating before waiting in that monstrous line was a good idea.  We ate at this place on DelMar called Noodles and Company, which I highly recommend. After finishing our late lunch we thought maybe walking around the loop could kill sometime before we had to sit in the line.  When walking around we heard some girls talking about Ed Sheeran being at the restaurant Blueberry Hill for a private concert for concert winners.  We went to Blueberry Hill but didn’t see him.  We walked around the side of the building and saw some girls standing back there so we went to see why.  They said that Ed was going to come out and meet some of them after the private concert.


Ed Sheeran taken by Chelsea Haney

Sure enough, Ed Sheeran walked through the back door and came up to all of us.  I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe that one of my favorite singers was standing right in front of me.  He said he only had enough time to sign some stuff because he had to get back to The Pageant for sound check. I got a few pictures and he signed my phone case.  He stood and talked with us for a bit, but then had to go.  After he left my friends and couldn’t believe that we had just met him.  We were even more pumped for the concert that would be in just a few hours.

The concert was the most amazing concert I have ever been to.  His voice live was even better than on the CD.  He made the concert very personal and was very entertaining.  I was sad when it was all over because of all the excitement of it.  But I made sure I took tons of pictures and videos.


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