Campus Outreach Spring Retreat

gods love

Romans 8:37-39

This past weekend was definitely refreshing and something that I have needed for a while.  I was given the opportunity to go on the Campus Outreach retreat in Indian with other campuses such as Purdue and ISU.  Campus Outreach is a christian ministry on campuses all over the country. I was very involved with CO at Murray State and was saddened when I first transferred here and found that SIUe’s campus did not have it.  For a while I had been praying that I find some kind of christian ministry on campus so that I could get involved and know my brothers and sisters in christ on this campus.  I heard about a few of the groups on campus but was never able to attend the meeting because of my school schedule.

Recently a woman sat down at a lunch table with me and started a conversation.  We talked about my past and just life in general and some how I brought up campus outreach. She looked shocked when I mentioned it and then continued to tell me that she was on staff for CO and that they were trying to get it established on this campus.  I was so excited to hear this because it was something that I had been praying for.  After meeting up a few more times after I had met her she told me that a spring retreat was coming up. Of course I told her I would want to go because I remember how much fun it was last year with Murray.

This weekend and retreat was just a reminder of how gracious God is.  He has walked me through all of my struggles and has gotten me through everything. I’m still in awe of how he has answered my prayers and brought CO back into my life.   I have seen His love shining through even when I am having the worst day or week.  It’s also very comforting knowing that I have people who I can share my faith with. I know the friendships that
I made with other brothers and sisters in Christ this weekend and recently will be lasting.


Hawaii for Spring Break? Yes, please.

hawaii mom

Hawaii taken by Sondra Upcurch

Spring break usually isn’t something I get all crazy and excited about.  I’m not a big fan of the stereotypical college spring break where you go to the beach and party all day long.  I don’t find that as enjoyable as going and doing something that you will be able to remember and make lasting memories with family.  Last year my mom surprised me with plane tickets to Colorado.  It was such a great trip because my mom got to spend some quality time together skiing and seeing our old friends from there.  I think that trip kind of set a sort of tradition for my mom and I. That just us two will be traveling and spending time together for the next few spring breaks I will have.

Not too long ago, I thought we wouldn’t be able to spend spring break together because she was notified from her work that she would have to be traveling the days that my spring break fell on.  This news was a bummer until she found out where she would be traveling to.  Hawaii was were she was assigned to go during my spring break.  So what did I do when I found out? I begged her to bring me.  Which she later said wasn’t necessary since she already planned on bringing me after learning where she would be going.

Now that there is only 2 weeks until spring break we have been frantically planning our trip and making sure that we have everything organized.  This will be my first time going to Hawaii so I really don’t know what to expect, besides what I have seen on television or in magazines.  It will be my moms second time in Hawaii so she will at least be familiar with some things.  I have done a lot of research and it also helps that two of my friends used to live there so they have been giving me advice on what I should do while I am there.

Excited for Valentine’s Day?

murray girls

Last year before the SIUE v. Murray game.

Valentine’s Day has never been a big day for me or something that I have gotten excited about.  This may be because I have never really had a boyfriend when this time of the year rolls around.  I’m not complaining though, because honestly I just treat it like any other day.  This year I do have something to look forward to though.  On February 14th, SIUE and Murray State are playing basketball against each other here.  Basketball isn’t something I get excited about on a regular basis, but I am for this game.  My friends from Murray decided that they were gonna come here to visit me and go to the game.  Which is very exciting for me because I haven’t seen some of them since last summer when I left Murray.

Although I don’t go to Murray anymore, I still have a special place for it in my heart.  At Murray I met some of the best friends I could ever have.  We have been planing them coming here for the basketball game since we got the game schedule.  It may turn into a sort of tradition because last year when I was at Murray I came here for the game to visit my friends. The same group of friends from Murray that are coming now came with me last year.  So my friends here kind of know them too.  So we are all gonna get together and hangout.  We are also planning on going to St. Louis to get lunch and explore a little since some of my friends from Murray haven’t been.

Although I don’t have “someone special” to spend with on Valentine’s Day,  I’m glad I get to spend it with the greatest friends I could ask for.

Ed Sheeran part 2: Concert Day


At Ed Sheeran Concert taken by Chelsea Haney

So my last blog post I talked about my excitement for the Ed Sheeran concert and the process of getting the tickets.  Well, the concert was this past saturday and it couldn’t of been better.  To start off,  my friends and I got ready and went to STL around 2:00 even though the concert wasn’t until 7:00.  That might sound ridiculous, but I am so happy we did that because when we got there lines were already formed on both sides of the venue.  After all, the show was sold out so we knew it was going to be packed.

When we found a place to park we decided eating before waiting in that monstrous line was a good idea.  We ate at this place on DelMar called Noodles and Company, which I highly recommend. After finishing our late lunch we thought maybe walking around the loop could kill sometime before we had to sit in the line.  When walking around we heard some girls talking about Ed Sheeran being at the restaurant Blueberry Hill for a private concert for concert winners.  We went to Blueberry Hill but didn’t see him.  We walked around the side of the building and saw some girls standing back there so we went to see why.  They said that Ed was going to come out and meet some of them after the private concert.


Ed Sheeran taken by Chelsea Haney

Sure enough, Ed Sheeran walked through the back door and came up to all of us.  I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe that one of my favorite singers was standing right in front of me.  He said he only had enough time to sign some stuff because he had to get back to The Pageant for sound check. I got a few pictures and he signed my phone case.  He stood and talked with us for a bit, but then had to go.  After he left my friends and couldn’t believe that we had just met him.  We were even more pumped for the concert that would be in just a few hours.

The concert was the most amazing concert I have ever been to.  His voice live was even better than on the CD.  He made the concert very personal and was very entertaining.  I was sad when it was all over because of all the excitement of it.  But I made sure I took tons of pictures and videos.