Ed Sheeran Tickets and Concert

ed sheeran

Ed Sheeran Paw Print Logo

In exactly 6 days I will be seeing one of my all time favorite singers live.  When I first heard that Ed Sheeran would be coming to The Pageant in St. Louis I could bearly contain my emotions.  Ed Sheeran is a singer from England.  I discovered his music about a year ago and have loved it ever since.  He writes his own lyrics and his music is all very personal, I think that’s what I admire about it the most.  I knew that he would be doing a U.S. tour but I didn’t think he would be stopping in St. Louis. When my friend told me that the tour dates were out, I wasn’t that excited because most of the bands I like usually go to Chicago or Kanas City. When I pulled up the tour dates and saw St. Louis I was in shock.  Two of my friends and I decided that we had to go to the concert.

From my experience it has always been kind of difficult to get tickets at this venue because it’s smaller than most. We were all so nervous that we wouldn’t be able to get the tickets online, since that process always seems to be very frustrating when tickets are in high demand.We wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to get the tickets.  We called the pageant in advanced to see if we could reserve the tickets, but they said no, since the tickets still weren’t on sale.  When we asked them what the best thing to do to insure we get tickets was, they said that we should consider coming to The Pageant the day the tickets go on sale.  He also advised us to get there early because we definitely weren’t the first to call about this concert.

When the tickets went on sale, my friends and I were one of the first few people to get in line.  I was so happy that we  got there as early as we did because there was a very long line behind us after a while. Sure enough we got our tickets and were all very pumped. Now that the concert is right around the corner I am more excited than ever. I hope the concert owns up to all my excitement, I’m positive it will.


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