The Future

The future is something I find myself thinking about frequently.  Though I know that I am not alone with that, obviously everyone thinks about the future, I feel that I think about it more often than I should be.  The future can be exciting to think about and scary. After all it’s the unknown.  That is what bothers me.  I like to have things planned out as much as possible but I know that I can’t know what is lying ahead. Though I am a woman in faith and believe that He will get me thorough anything and knows what is best for me, I can’t help but to stress over it. I just need to remind myself that everything will go as planned. I need to let go and let God.

My goal is to stop dwelling on the future and live in the now.  I need to focus on my school work, the people that make me happy, and my faith.  If I can successfully do that I will have less stress on me and be able to relax. Let-Go-Let-God


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