My college experience, so far..

Going into college I was uncertain of what I wanted to major in or what kind of clubs/sororities I wanted to be a part of. My freshman year of college I attended Murray State University.  Murray was a great first experience for me.  I met lots of new people and was very involved in an on campus christian ministry called Campus Outreach.  Not too far into the first semester I figured out what I thought my major and occupation would be for the rest of my life.  Elementary education was what I had my mind-set on.  I felt being a teacher was my purpose in life.  I was so enthusiastic about the program and was ready to begin all of the classes that you have to complete before you can declare your major.  murray-state

Then things started to take a turn in my life. For some reason I felt pulled to SIUE.  I had this strong feeling that I needed to transfer. After all, it made sense for me to leave Murray to further my degree in education and be certified in the state that I would most likely be living a few years after college.  This would make it easier to find a job if I did student teaching in schools nearby. When I finally decided that I was going to transfer, I had a mixture of emotions.  I was excited to transfer because I love new experiences, plus it helped that I knew people there.  On the other hand I was going to miss all the people at Murray.  


 Transferring to SIUE was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Starting the first semester I was in classes for the elementary eduction.  Sitting in those classes, I felt really limited.  I wasn’t as happy as I thought I would be with the major.  I decided to talk to my mom about what I should do and after a few ideas, we realized that I should do Public Relations.  Throughout high school, I was always good at speeches, especially since I was in speech team.  Writing is also one of my strong points.  Although I have only just began studying PR I feel comfortable and happy that I have chosen it as my major. I hope that having this blog will further my writing skills and prepare me for any PR tasks I may encounter.

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