Chapter 16: High Profile

Reading through this chapter there as a lot about main events, grand openings, and celebrations. All of these projects and events are very important due to their size and cost.  The PR professional must take those kinds of events carefully because most of the time they are events that are reaching a grand amount of people.

Planning the event for how many people show up and what the event will consist of and who the audience of the event will be are very important. But the annual reports are the most important thing for a PR professional.  The images need to catch the eye and the information provided has to be audience centered.  As a PR professional I would make sure to put what is true and would be making the organization look better.


Finals and Christmas Break

With finals fast approaching I am starting to prepare and study before thanksgiving break.  Every year I stress myself for finals more than I need to.  I always end up doing better than I give myself credit for so this year I’m going to make sure I feel more than prepared for the finals week. I know I always feel the best when I know exactly what I need to be studying and when the day of each final is way in advance.

I have already marked my calendar for each final and figure I could start studying for the two that are on the first day a little before and during Thanksgiving break.  I am kind of excited to study for some of my finals because two of them is over my AP style of writing and I need to know those rules anyway for now and my future in Public Relations.

As soon as finals are over though, it’s christmas break! Which means I get to go home and spend time with my mom, go to texas and see the rest of my family, and then go to New Years Conference with a whole bunch of my brothers and sisters in christ.

For some reason, I have a feeling that this finals week coming up and the break after is going to be one of the best yet. So lets hope and pray for that! I can’t wait to relax in my living room by the fireplace decorated in a Christmas spirit.fireplace

Bible Study

Two weeks ago, some girls that I have just become good friends with went to Fall conference with me and the Campus Outreach group.  The point of the conference was for students to learn what it meant to have a relationship with God and to learn more about their faith and what it meant to be a Christian. The girls that I invited came and told me that they had learned more there than they had in their whole life , about Christianity.

After the Conference two of the girls asked me to do a bible study with them. My friend Alisha, who is on staff with CO, told me that she would help me lead the bible study because I have never done that before.

Last night we had our second bible study with the girls and it is going amazing.  I love seeing how interested and investigative these girls are about Christ and who he is. They are asking so many great questions and wanting to know more of the Bible.

bible study

Some girls from bible study

I can only thank God for moving in their hearts and I only want to boast in him, because I know meeting these girls and doing bible study is all thanks to him and whatever plan he has for the girls.

Chapter 6: Legal Influences on Public Relations Writing

As a public relations writer you have to know the law, because not everything you write is legal according to the text. There are various restrictions and limits when it comes to writing for a company or organizations. One thing to keep in mind when dealing with what is legal and what is not, legal does’t mean ethical and ethical doesn’t mean legal.

legal issues are usually associated with ownership and who has the right to what in the public relations field. Make sure the text, writing, photos, logos, slogans and web design are all legal and have been copywrited and trademarked. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other peoples information when it comes to writing you just have to have the right kind of attribution. The books says it’s a good idea to contact that company and or an attorney to see if the information is available for use.

This chapter also went through the common legal definitions and symbols. Some of the symbols I was not familiar with such as the symbol for Section (for laws and regulations). It was also informative to read about the different agencies and which ones deals with different legal acts.


Chapter 13: The Multipurpose Medium

In chapter 13 the book discusses the Web and public relations writing.  The first thing to know about writing for the web is knowing who your audience is.  Your audience is anyone who has access to the internet or any kind of social media. There are three different categories of audiences according to the book.  The first is the critical commentators, second the committed visitors and third the casual browsers. The issue is, how do you reach each of these types of audience groups.

Writing for the web is said to be a close resemblance for writing good brochure copies, which we have had practice with in class. As the same for all other writing it is important for us to continuously edit our copy especially for the web.  when writing for the web you want the main idea and purpose to be clear, and the content must meet the visitor’s needs or interest.  There are more tips provided on page 357 of the book.  You can write effectively for the web if you understand news writing, advocacy writing, or multimedia presentations.

I learned that the web is used sometimes for specific PR aims as well. Such as: Online news releases, online newsletters, online reports, and many other PR writing copies we have been practicing in class.laptop

Christmas Shopping or Crafting

It’s about that time where I should probably start Christmas shopping for family and friends.  I say this now because I have learned my lesson before about waiting until the last minute to buy gifts for everyone.  The kind of stress of waiting until the last minute was the worst.

I’m usually not one to procrastinate during the holidays because as you have seen in my other post, I get overly excited about the season. Gift buying doesn’t come as easy to me as it does others.  I  have to start planning for each person a month before.

Buying on a budget is tricky for me as well.  Because I am a college student I have a very strict budget.  I always want to get the best for everyone, but that is not always possible.  I have considered making some of my friends gifts as well.  I love making crafts from Pintrest for myself, so I figured it may be fun to give some as gifts . Plus, its great for my budget because all I have to do is buy some of the supplies.

DIY (do it yourself) gifts this year may just be the way to go for me. Now all I have to do is think of some craft

Is it too early for Christmas music?

christmasHalloween just passed a few days ago and I am ready to bring out the christmas music and decorations.  I know that most of the public would have to disagree with me.  For some reason there is an underlying rule in our country that putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is frowned upon.

I have never understood this rule because even though its not passed thanksgiving, the TV stations are already airing Christmas commercials and  holiday themed commercials. This is such a tease for me! I get so excited when I hear the holiday music playing in the background of a commercial on TV.

Another tease for me is how the department stores and malls put out christmas decorations for us to buy in the middle of october.  I won’t argue it though, because I love looking at all the decorations ahead of time. I just want to be able to start decorating myself.

Christmas and winter time is so joyful for me.  There’s just something about this time of year that makes me so happy and excited to be around family and at home. I have even asked my mom if we could start decorating this week, and I received a big fat no.

Hopefully my mom won’t mind if I ask to put up our christmas tree right after thanksgiving dinner.

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